Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Untitled 1, Untitled 2
Pen on Paper. A3

Artwork from this semester
playing with the idea of constructing space, starting out with two connected points on a piece of paper and evolving the piece by further adding and connecting points.
The idea being that the viewer is supposed to get lost in the myriad of points and fine detail of work
hiding behind it the subtle knowledge that it started out as two points and can therefore by the very nature of construction
be deconstructed to this.

There is also the obsessional side of the work which mirrors my own personality
so it becomes about the human fascination with rules.
There's many metaphors and parallel philosophical theories that can be deduced from the work, and up until last week i would of gladly spewed them on here in some of sort accidentally pretentious diatribe
but i find it weighs down my practice, so i shall let the pieces speak for themselves.
I shall add however that Kants notion of space & time, foucault and nihilism occupied my thoughts at the time of creation.

With a view to doing larger pieces,
I'll just say that Rothko has become a prominent influence in my practice.
view my work with this in mind.

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